Charming isn't it?

Most of us have our quirks- things we like, things that make us happy, things we collect, and definitely things that are unique to us! In the grand scheme of creating the perfect charm bracelet, that's exactly where I like to begin. 

First and foremost, do you like silver, yellow gold, or rose gold? I'm a big fan of yellow gold (as you can tell on the site), so let's go with a yellow gold theme! Of course, there's nothing wrong with mixing metals, and going multi-toned, however, for the simplicity of creating your first sentimental charm bracelet, we are sticking with a uniform metal tone. 

Second, you need to select a bracelet chain. I typically would lean towards a chain that can hold the weight of many charms. You don't want a super thin chain that may snap over time when adding more weight to it. Another little secret that my mom told me, and I am telling want to make sure your charm charm bracelet has a safety clasp. Bracelets tend to catch, snag and fall off, especially with all these special charms you have collected over time, you want to make sure it is secure on your wrist. 

The next step is, where to start with collecting your charms? When purchasing your charms think of it as a way to tell a story about yourself. I would suggest perhaps starting with the first letter of your name, and finding a charm for that! Luckily, for my charm bracelet, I have it loaded up with tons of letter L's, and the reason why is both my grandma's name's start with L's - Lee & Lillian. Then, I would suggest thinking of your favorite foods, animals, hobbies, places you've traveled, and the list goes on...A little cat charm, pineapple charm, the Eiffel Tower, and a tennis racket is a good start! That is of course you like the above items, but you get my gist...Perhaps your birth sign, a locket of your loved ones, sign of your faith, birth stone, and even a charm to represent your favorite rock band can be added to your charm bracelet. The quirkier, the better! You can't go wrong. 

Where to look? I would start by looking for charms in thrift stores, antique stores, flea markets, garage sales, and even online to find your special little charms. Maybe you live in a city where there's a jewelry district where you can go and look at all sorts of charms in one place. And lastly, if you have an idea of a charm and you cannot seem to find it anywhere, you can custom make your charm! I get asked all the time for special requests to custom make charms & pieces, and my answer is always "sure!" It is 2017 with all sorts of technology, the jewelry world can create pretty much anything with the design programs out there. Just takes your creativity and finding the right person to do the task! 

You won't have a complete charm bracelet with the snap of a finger, it takes time, even years to have the perfect charm bracelet but that's all part of the fun. It's the best way to capture any memory, creating a charm bracelet to tell your life story over time. We sadly don't print pictures anymore, so what's better than creating your very own charm bracelet to tell your story and a great piece to pass down. 



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