The Artful Statement Earring

As you guy's can tell, Meridian Ave loves it's statement earrings. When we first started our company, we were all about simple, dainty, little pieces. As we have grown, the bigger, cooler, funkier the piece is, the better. Yes, we will always love our dainty and cute jewelry, because who doesn't! But these days, we are loving a bold statement earring. A little something you didn't know about statement earrings, you are about to find out...

Statement earrings have long been around the fashion world and from the looks of it, this trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Each season, the statement earring gets a new life - whether it be the baroque style of the 80s or the "bigger the better" hoops that graced us in the 90s, each have come back this season. A little classier, a little more refined, and a little more 2017. 

While every good fashion trend eventually comes back around, one style that seems to stand out this season and what the fashion world is calling "The Art Trend Earring." Inspired by modern masters like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, the art earring trend has something for everyone. From simple geometric shapes and fluid human figured, to over sized shapes and intricate tones of silver, gold, and enamel. The artistic trend is characterized as blurring the line between jewelry and art with designs that make us feel as though we are wearing a priceless piece of art right on our ears. 

The best part about the statement earring and the art trend earring is that is serves a purpose most of us dread - picking an outfit out. Throw on a white T and ripped denims, your outfit has gone from 0 to 100 all because of that statement earring. No need to fuss and stress over what to wear on your first date anymore. All you need is to throw on a chunky gold hoop, slick your hair back in a high pony tail and you are ready to roll. Dinner with the girls? Throw on your favorite tassel earrings head out the door. Enjoy the Art Trend Earring, because it is definitely here to stay. 


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